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  Frequently Asked Questions

What is CatchCheaters/Checkmate?

CatchCheaters/Checkmate is a quick and easy home use test kit that incorporates a special patented reaction component to instantly detect traces of dried semen in underwear. This unique one of a kind product is designed to be used by men in a marital or relationship setting who suspect their female partner may be engaging in sexual activity outside of the relationship. Results in less than 15 seconds!

Is CatchCheaters/Checkmate a real product?

The CatchCheaters/Checkmate formula and system were both patented by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2004 as a new and unique product unlike anything previously available. The CatchCheaters/Checkmate test kit also displays the U.P.C bar code on every package and is the only real home use semen testing product on the market today. 


How long has CatchCheaters/Checkmate been on the market?

CatchCheaters/Checkmate was introduced in 1999 and quickly became one of the most popular products to come to market in years. Today the CatchCheaters/Checkmate semen detection system is available on hundreds of independent websites and in a growing number of retail outlets in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Untied Kingdom and many other countries around the world. The CatchCheaters/Checkmate test kit is also used by America's top  private investigation firms and is recommended by the nations leading laboratories, including Genelex, Identigene, Vita Tech, and many others.

How does it work? 

After sexual intercourse all women experience a condition we call "Flowback". Flowback causes a woman to secrete small amounts of the mans semen back onto her underwear. This results in dried semen stains in her undergarments that can be quickly and easily detected with CatchCheaters/Checkmate. 

How long will semen be in her underwear after intercourse?

Depending on her own personal habits and hygiene a women will typically continue to secrete small amounts of semen for up to and around 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse, even after showering. 

If I find semen in her underwear how do I know it didn't come from me? 

CatchCheaters/Checkmate is not just a quick and easy way to identify a suspicious stain. This highly specialized  product is also designed to provide conclusive evidence that any semen present in the undergarment did not come from the man performing the test. If you are man testing your female partners underwear to prove a sex act did in fact take place outside of the relationship, you must abstain from having sex with the woman you are testing for a period of 7 days to insure that any semen present did not come from you. Because relationships tend to breakdown slowly over an extended period of time, the vast majority of men using this product are not having sex on a regular basis anyway, and the 7 day abstinence period is never usually a factor.

If I do get a positive test can I prove it didn't come from me? 

As an added bonus the CatchCheaters/Checkmate INFIDELITY® test kit also comes with a $25.00 discount coupon from IDENTIGENE.  Using the latest DNA testing procedures available,  IDENTIGENE can conclusively prove that the semen discovered with CatchCheaters/Checkmate did not come from you. 

How CatchCheaters/Checkmate accurate?

Because CatchCheaters/Checkmate is a men's product that was designed exclusively for the purpose of identifying suspected semen stains in women's underwear, all possibility of false positive test results have been eliminated, making the patented CatchCheaters/Checkmate test kit the most accurate test kit you can buy. 

FACT: There is no question whatsoever about the effectiveness of the CatchCheaters/Checkmate test kit. This totally "amazing" product is backed by years of use by consumers, investigators, and laboratories all around the world. Not only does this product work exactly as specified every time you use it, we guarantee the patented CatchCheaters/Checkmate test kit will be the most powerful product you have ever used.

How old can the stain be?

In most cases you will be testing articles where you think the stain may have been recently deposited. However, the age of the suspected  dried semen stain is not even a factor to consider when doing the CatchCheaters/Checkmate test. Remember, we're testing dried semen stains. . If the stain wasn't dry it would easily be identifiable as semen with the naked eye. 

Any live sperm within a deposited semen stain will die within a short period of time. However, semen and sperm are to completely different things. Even though the live sperm contained within the liquid semen will die shortly after being deposited on the underwear, the resulting dried semen stains can live on for years as evidence on unwashed material. Our products are routinely tested on dried semen stains that are over 9 months old. Any garment obtained from a relationship setting is perfectly testable.

HIs CatchCheaters/Checkmate Safe?

Of course. CatchCheaters/Checkmate is as safe as any other product on the store shelf. The Infidelity Test Kit was actually created for ease of use by untrained consumers and is so safe and easy to use that  there is no need for rubber gloves or any other type of protective equipment.

Will this test stain the suspected garment?  

The CatchCheaters/Checkmate  semen detection test kit is designed specifically  for ease of use by the everyday consumer and leaves no trace of the test procedure on the suspected article. PLUS... The CatchCheaters/Checkmate semen detection products also work on any type or color of material. Test undergarments, furniture, linens, auto upholstery etc. without fear of damage or stain.

How many tests can I do?

The original CatchCheaters/Checkmate semen detection test kit is designed to test 5 or more articles or stains for the presence of semen but can actually test over 50 items if needed. We encourage consumers to call us after receiving the product to find out about the many different ways to use this very versatile home use test kit. 1 817 579 0083

What if the guy has had a vasectomy? 

Yes, CatchCheaters/Checkmate detects semen even if a vasectomy has been performed. Semen and sperm are two completely different things. Semen is the liquid vessel (ejaculate) in which sperm travels. A vasectomy cuts off the delivery of sperm but ejaculation and semen production remains normal. 

What if she uses a condom? 

We do not claim this product works if condoms are being used. CatchCheaters/Checkmate is intended to be used to identify a suspicious stain once you find the stain. 

How would this charge appear on my credit card billing statement?

The charge appears as "Evergreen" on you credit card statement. The actual product purchased is not mentioned. As an added measure of privacy we have also included a "disguise your order" field on our secure order page. Using this feature you can pick from a list of items such as software, magazines, sporting goods etc. to disguise your order to match something else you are interested in like your favorite hobby or occupation. 

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